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A renovated Turó Park in Barcelona

Residents of the Sarrià – Sant Gervasi district in Barcelona can once again stroll all around Turó Park. The fact they use it a lot, combined with wear and tear and the loss of some of the original vegetation meant special renovation and maintenance had to be carried out. But the improvements are also the result of the public’s collaboration, through the collection of suggestions from neighbourhood residents and retailers.

A new park that has not lost its essential spirit

The changes and improvements carried out at Turó Park include a totally renovated lake, with improved conservation and filtering to avoid leaks, as well as new greenery, including 3,200 square metres of grass-lawn and theplanting and replacement of 1,800 shrubs. There are also 18 new trees, including Judas trees, lime trees, plane trees and holm oaks, while another 100 have been treated.

Sprinkling and the groundwater system have also been improved by installing new sprinklers and improving the efficiency of the system itself.

But the park has also recovered its essential spirit with the old theatre, which has a new platform for the stage plus a prefab module, and is expected to have a regular programme of performances. The kids can enjoy a more modern play area,with new games, a perimeter fence and six generational games. In all, 120 square metres for boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old.

Finally, the park has got some new furniture, such as benches and litter bins, and signs for the new uses have been installed along with updated information panels.

Given it is one of the city’s historical parks and in order to protect its plants and biodiversitydogs have been banned.

The renovation work has lasted approximately six months and cost €860,000. It has been carried out by areas, to avoid closing the park completelyso local residents could still use it

A park with a history

Turó Park dates back to 1912, when it was created as an amusement parkwhich closed in 1929. In 1934, the architect Nicolau M. Rubió i Tudurí, then director of the Barcelona Parks and Gardens Service, turned it into a public space for the locals to use. In 2001, the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens carried out a thorough restoration of the park, which included redeveloping the surrounding streets.

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